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Cuda Automatic Parts Washers


No matter what industry you’re in, cleaning parts is no fun for anyone, and doing it by hand takes time away from more productive tasks. Fortunately, American Pressure Inc. can provide you with a fast, safe, and effective solution to this necessary chore – a Cuda parts washer.

With a Cuda pressure washer, cleaning parts is no longer a manual chore as the machine takes care of all the work. All you or your staff has to do is load the dirty parts, close the door, press the start button, and in 15 to 20 minutes the parts are thoroughly cleaned. A similar job could easily take several people multiple hours to complete.

Not only does it automate the process, but its pressurized jets of hot water are able to get parts much cleaner than what is possible by hand. Also, Cudas do not use any harmful cleaning solvents, so you don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals coming into contact with your employees or the environment.

Clean parts quickly with hot water and environmentally friendly detergents. Cuda Parts Washers make it an easy process, you just put parts in, set the timer, work on something else, and come back to clean parts in minutes. Parts Washers are great for increasing production and cutting expensive labor costs scrubbing parts by hand in a solvent tank. We are glad to demonstrate models for you and offer a variety of powdered soaps for any brand of automatic parts washer.

Who Benefits From a Cuda?

Top Load or Front Load Parts washers are normally in stock for you in Minnesota. Hundreds of configurations to choose from means that we have the right Cuda for you.

Automatic Parts Washers

At American Pressure Inc. we carry a many models of Cuda automatic parts washers to help you keep your parts in excellent condition.

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If you’re ready to say goodbye to time-consuming parts cleaning and start saving money contact American Pressure Inc.

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The Cuda range and flexibility means there is a Cuda to fit the needs of virtually any operation where parts cleaning is required. Some of the most common industries to use Cuda pressure washers are:

Automotive – It’s estimated that washing automotive parts by hand costs $6,000 a year, per employee. That’s a lot of wasted man-hours! A Cuda is able to get the work done in a fraction of the time and can handle everything from a tiny piece of hardware to a massive engine block.
Aerospace – Dirt and grime are nothing to mess around with when you’re dealing with the pivotal parts found in air and spacecraft. Cuda pressure washers can blast away oil, grease, and other contaminants found on any part.
Small Engine Repair – In small engine repair shops, fast turnaround is vital for success. A Cuda can speed-clean a transmission, belt, blade, or any other part.
Printing – Don’t risk long delay in output. Use a Cuda to remove buildup on ink pumps, levers, rollers, and other printer components.
Manufacturing – Depending on the manufacturing plant, there are likely endless items that need washing, including rollers, casings, castings, fittings, and more. With a Cuda, employees don’t have to divert attention from production to worry about cleaning.
Chainsaw Repair – By spending less time removing grime from cylinder heads, fans, carburetors and other chainsaw parts you can complete more jobs and increase profits.

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